Danish Stem Cell Bank Expands to southern Sweden


The Danish stem cell bank StemCare A/S – the only private stem cell bank in Scandinavia specialising in collecting and storing umbilical cord stem cells – has expanded its activities abroad and is now also available in Sweden.

StemCare’s activities now cover Sweden – starting from Skåne. In other words, Danish midwives in StemCare’s preparedness team will be ready to take a trip to Øresund to collect umbilical cord stem cells from newborn Swedish babies.

”We have been received very well and we have already established excellent cooperation with many Swedish hospitals in South Sweden. The interest in the private alternative is enormous and we currently are the only ones in Scandinavia who offer it – and our on duty staff is now set up so that we can depart for Sweden very quickly to attend a birth,” says Lisbeth Juhl Christensen, managing director of StemCare.
Unlike Denmark, Sweden already has a public stem cell bank with many thousands of umbilical cord stem cell units. A public stem cell bank is somewhat similar to a blood bank, from which all patients can get help – while as a customer of a private stem cell bank you have full disposal of your own stem cells that you or your family can use in connection with a disease.

”Sweden is, after all, a multiethnic society – and it can be very difficult to find a match in the public stem cell bank for patients with an ethnic background other than Swedish. Therefore, only in this group is there great interest in collecting and storing stem cells privately. We have therefore also prepared information materials in both Swedish and Arabic,” says Lisbeth Juhl Christensen.

So far, StemCare has entered into partnership agreements with hospitals in Malmö, Helsingborg, Lund Ystad and Kristianstad:
”We work really well with hospitals and associated maternity centres and this is the alpha and omega because this work constitutes the entire foundation that allows us to offer an optimal service to women about to give birth and, in the long run, to deliver a high-quality product. Because of this excellent start, we have great expectations for the Swedish market. In other words, we are ready to expand the process and use our base in Copenhagen as a centre for additional expansion in Scandinavia,” says Lisbeth Juhl.

For further information, please contact:
Managing Director Lisbeth Juhl Christensen
StemCare A/S – telephone 7025 7121
Mobile 2722 1145

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